underwater performance

For the first time in the world, choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan (France) and Apostolia Papadamaki (Greece) in collaboration with Lia Haraki (Cyprus) and artists from 10 countries, present an underwater dance-visual performance. 14 performers from France, Greece and Cyprus will interpretate an underwater choreography in one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean, Cape Sounion beach, the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon which is at the edge of Attica land looking over the Aegean Sea. The underwater sound design byTrifon Koutsourelis will offer an immerse sound experience to the audience while the underwater scenography and costumes (by George Georgiou) will create a unique visual scenery.

site specific dance, music, visuals performance

DROPS OF PEACE is the rising memory and experience of Drops of Breath, the 1st underwater performance in the world (Cape Sounio, Greece).

Choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan, Lia Haraki and Apostolia Papadamaki create an adventure of the senses that stands as a reminder of the powerful nature of MAN as a creature who thinks, feels and chooses but at the same time surrenders to the divinity of creation. By walking, breathing and witnessing the relationship of the human to the underwater and the land will be evident.The artists will be bringing the water, the sounds and the images from the video material of the underwater performance that will be projected on trees, walls and bodies. They will become movers that connect the liquid and the solid, the wet and the dry, the underwater life that walks on soil.The unique experience of the underwater performance and the moto “Everybody is equal under water” will inform Drops of Peace which will deal further with how life exists in every molecule of nature and how life goes on irrespective of human activity and beliefs. A dance-visual-interactive-site specific performance that will premiere in the unique gardens in Athens, Greece at Vorres Museum, Athens, Greece.

October 25, 26 & 27th, Vorres Museum, Paiania, Athens, Greece
October 31st & November 1st Limassol Municipal Gardens, Cyprus
January 10th 2016 Thorigny sur Marne, France
January 5th 2016 Clichy sous Bois, France

an exhibition

Mediterranean Bodies Edition 1 launches in Athens, February 5th - February 14th 2016.
The interactive exhibition Mediterranean BODIES seeks to foster connections and exchanges between young artists in the Mediterranean countries Greece, Cyprus and France.
After a first stage of online meetings between young artists from all backgrounds, a process of collaboration started in creative duos or groups, inspired by the Mediterranean and the body using digital technology as creative instruments.
In a second stage, the artistic collaborations will be developed further and lead to exhibitions in France.

A cultural encounter with projections , performance, discussions, about human and environmental values.

The arts can help people connect and communicate by using predominantly their body and senses. Opening our eyes in order to really see, “opening” our ears in order to listen carefully, “opening” up ourselves in order to “fit” each other and “move” towards the other these are actual preconditions for a communication on equal terms.
12 February 2016, 16.00 - 21.15 in Blackbox Theater/ DEREE - The American College of Greece